by Nay Joshua

This poem was published in the Feb. 2019 edition of Live Ideas. View it HERE


When you find yourself drunk

Angrily stuffing scarves

Into your closet

In December.


Remember not to listen

To Adele.


When you find yourself drunk

Verging on sleep

Above three empty bags

Of Hot Fries



Your fucking budget.


When you find yourself drunk

On loneliness


Behind your ribs


Remember that love is like a fart.

It takes a while to hit your face.


But when you find yourself high

On Mary Janesson the fourth

Happy, shamelessly

Eating those damn good hot fries,


Remember that even aliens

Don’t like Trump.

Departures” by Philip Kirk is liscensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. Cropped and modified
from original using Adobe Photoshop.